The English bulldog is an affectionate, good-natured and very comfortable dog, but he is also very determining in his kind. It also depends, like with any other race, at the owner how he treats his dog and what he makes out of him! You will not be able to expect absolute obedience from a bulldog if it does not make sense for him. However, with consistent education you will get a good-natured and loyal companion!

The English Bulldog is for his size with up to 25 kg and more a heavy dog. The hair is short, heavy and smooth.

You can get them brindled, red in several shadings and also with white hair. Only black is undesirable. The head is very big in proportion to the body, bulky and has a short nose. The wide breast and the rather narrow back is remarkable also. The ears are high attached, stand far apart, high over the eyes, small and thin. They are called „rose ears“.

The tail is deeply attached, just comes out in the root quite straight and then is bent down.

Finally there is to say: it is the perfect family dog!