We – those are my wife, our children and I have thought a long time about taking an English Bulldog into our a little bigger family circle.

The thought of having a dog with breathing problems and which not everywhere can come along because he gets exhausted quickly held us back of buying one. But nevertheless, at last the love won to these cuddly monsters, and we were looking for a very long time for the right dog. And we have really found her !!!!!

In May 2010 our first dog Lola moved in with us and we have never a single day regretted it that we have made her a member of the family and of our hearts. A „monster“, feared by many because of her appearance and loved by the others precisely for this reason. A dog that polarises!
In our case, a dog that accompanies us everywhere, no matter what weather we have. Whether skiing or during an extended stroll on the beach, our „monsters“ are always with us.

So, that many others can also enjoy this great breed, we have made it to our goal to breed healthy and friendly bulldogs.